Research and Other Services

ETR begins each outreach and communications assignment by collaborating with stakeholders to design a plan that considers the audience, time allotted to complete the task, desired outcomes, and the budget. Our goal is to identify and satisfy the needs of both internal and external audiences, implement within the appropriate time frame, and provide cost-effective solutions for our clients’ outreach and communications needs.

Client Deliverables

ETR works closely with our clients through a consultative process. We listen first to understand the client’s outreach and communications objectives. We offer constructive feedback through in-person introductory meetings, where we assist clients in clarifying the key message(s) and identifying strategies and tactics that touch the target audience(s). We utilize graphical tools (e.g. logic models, flow charts) to help clients visualize the project and offer technical support in choosing the appropriate platform for delivering the message to the desired audience. We edit each detail and provide the design expertise necessary to ensure that final deliverables convey the desired meaning. ETR combines practicality with the use of state-of-the-art software and security to meet the client’s needs.

Language Services

ETR has a team of experienced language consultant partners that offer an array of language services, including Spanish interpretation services, translation and transcription services.