Technical Assistance

ETR Services technical assistance specialists believe that searching for technical assistance signals an organization or program’s commitment to continuous improvement. Our specialists collaborate with key stakeholders to develop a sound understanding of their mission and direction. We review the expected outcomes and anticipated strategies before implementation and review progress at each milestone. ETR focuses on building relationships of trust and designs intervention models that address the organization’s capacity to reach its goals. ETR assesses the intervention model and its effectiveness with you after completion. Subsequent training technical assistance activities are informed by this observation and feedback.

ETR’s technical assistance experience includes supporting organization or program leadership in strategic planning and staff development activities that help identify strengths and address barriers. We employ focus groups, facilitated conversations, interviews, and observations to further capacity building.

ETR’s experience confirms that accessing and managing information is key to an organization or program’s ability to track progress toward achieving its goals. Our skilled information management team develops and manages databases for nonprofit and governmental agencies. ETR data specialists bring the right mix of current technology and organizational knowledge to design databases that program leaders and staff can easily use and maintain to be accountable, make decisions, build a case for resources and document the growth and evolution of their organizations or programs.

ETR Services technical assistance strengths can be summarized in the following points:

  • Organization/Program Capacity Building
  • Professional Development
  • Focus Groups and Meeting Facilitation
  • Database Design and Management